This summer I was intrigued  to receive an invitation to participate in a new league,FFMAG Elite 64. It quickly became apparent that this was no ordinary league. It is organised by Fpl General from FFMAG who was assembling a league containing 64 high profile Fpl managers.

When I saw the list of entries it read like a who’s who of Fantasy football. Included in the entry list are Three previous winners. Tom Fenley, Simon March and Matt Martyniak. Peter Kouwenberg the current number One in the hall of fame is an entrant  A brief count up showed that between us there have been Nine top Fifty finishes, Thirteen top Hundred finishes and well over Fifty finishes in the top Thousand.

There are a number of Fantasy football writers also included in the entries, including Mark and Jonty from Fantasy scout, and FFMAG who are sponsoring the event.

This event may turn out to be be the Fantasy  football equivalent of Tout wars, a famous American baseball league composed of invited “experts” which is followed closely by the general Fantasy baseball community.

Staying in this league will not be easy, it looks as  though only those who finish on the first page (top 50) will be invited back. In a league of such quality it is going to be tough.

I have added the link to the league, as it provides an easy way to check how the great and the good are performing.



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