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Gameweek review 34

It feels strange to be writing a gameweek review on a Friday afternoon (NZ time). Sixty points this week (56 when taking the hit into account) Not that great but not terrible either. Eriksen and Davies rescued the week, while the double Gameweek assets were as underwhelming as expected.

Planning was disrupted by the Ibrahimovic injury, leaving a paucity of decent captain options. Most failed, except Benteke and Man U defenders/ Keeper.

Looking ahead, I will keep the wildcard for Gw 36 and in the meantime give Negredo the flick. It can be a One week punt before the wildcard. Jesus, Benteke or maybe the Southampton striker. Even Rooney could be an option, but that carries some risk over gametime.

Captain challenge

Some dismal totals considering they were all from Two matches. Shocking really. Only the choice of the form tables paid off with De Gea making Seventeen points. The tables pointed to Utd having Two great clean sheet opportunities and so it transpired.

Team Robot

No hit Robot cruised to Sixty Nine points, and yet another green arrow.  The triple Utd defence keeping the momentum going. Hazard also produced some points, and has been a steady accumulator of points recently.

The Robot still has all its chips left, it is not wildcarding this week however and will play its triple captain in Gw 38.  It sees no decent option for triple captain  in the gw 36 double, and will hope for a strong single week player in the last round.

Form tables gw 35

Last Eight home goals Vs last away Eight conceded

Tottenham come out top this week. They are averaging Three home goals per home performance, and thwy face an Arsenal side which appears weaker defensively than it has for many years. Especially if Koscielny turns out to be unavailable.

The only caveat being the possibility Tottenham may start to feel the pressure now they have some chance to win the league. Being a local derby could also make the game tight, although there have been plenty of high scoring examples in the past.

Everton are next on the list. Twenty Nine goals in their last Eight home fixtures is a record for these tables. However they are up against  Chelsea who only concede an average of one goal on their travels.   Those wildcarding out Tottenham assets, or Lukaku need to think very carefully this week.

Southampton are next up, and while theoretically they have an easier fixture, they themselves have hardly been prolific at home. Their  assets will be popular this week, with Two doubles following the Hull match.

At the other end of the table the only away side that looks great for a clean sheet appears to be Man C.  Many of the new Negredo owners will be shipping out, however he is up against his old club. Personally I will be getting rid regardless.

Last Eight Away scored V home goals conceded

Only Bournemouth and Man C score more than Twenty this week, apart feom them the away teams may struggle for goals.  Josh King could be in for another good week, as could Aguero and co at Middlesbrough

. It remains to be seen how much fight Boro have left as their fate is looking ever more certain.

In terms of clean sheets for the home sides there look plenty of opportunities. Man U and Wba look the best of them, although Tottenham, Palace, Southampton, Everton, Watford and Stoke could also shut their opposition out.

Kane will be the captain pick for the form tables this week, as Tottenham are seen as scoring the most goals.

Podcast 34-35

With just the Manchester derby left to play, we’re almost through another divisive double game week. The Always Cheating hosts recap some of GW34’s action and argue a bit on whether it was a true or false binary between strikers Benteke and Negredo. Then it’s quickly on to key questions ahead of this season’s home stretch as Brandon starts tinkering with—but still hasn’t triggered—his wildcard. We also run through captaincy options and clean sheet likelihoods for GW35 in a weekend that will soon be upon us.

Locked and loaded Gw 34

For the second double running careful planning all turned to custard due to injury and rotation issues. Firstly, Valencia previously an ever present in the Utd side, suddenly cannot play every match, and will surely miss one of the Two, probably Burnley.

Secondly the injury to Ibrahimovic threw a spanner in he works, not only forcing a hit, but leaving my team exposed to all those taking punts on Rashford.  Rather than non owners having to spend points to bring Ibra in, us owners were forced to spend points to take him out, a sickener.

Ibrahimovic has cost me Ten points in the last week, his one minute appearance kept Six points on my bench, and now I have had to spend Four to get rid of him. That is a ten point swing on those lucky enough not to have him.  Come the end of the season that will make a big rank difference.

Anyway, the free transfer was Ibrahimovic to Negredo, and he will be entrusted with the armband. Apparently they are more attacking under their new manager and they do have the easier fixtures in theory, although I am far from convinced, but see him as the lesser of all evils.

I avoided Rashford as Utd have just had a tough 120 minute Europa league match and there is sure to be huge levels of rotation. Rashford is now vital too them with Ibrahimovic injured, so it would be a big surprise if he played both. Martial and Rooney likely to take up the slack

I spent Four points on Lanzini to Zaha, it prevented a price drop on Lanzini and is extra double cover for this week, plus he has a great fixture in Gw 35 so over the Three matches he may do something.

The other option was to go Anichebe to Benteke, but it was the price drop on Lanzini that was the clincher in an otherwise close call. Remy is back also, and he could possibly take a few  minutes from Benteke.

Captain challenge

Plenty of variety this week. The Robot likes Zaha, it normally prefers midfielders, and there was not a lot of midfield competition around. Two tough fixtures although he has been doing well in other tough matches so you never know.

The Fantasy scout poll has gone for Rashford, he was the last player to score a goal so that possibly has something to do with the enthusiasm.  The Transfer Hub poll has gone for Negredo, with Kane in second spot.

The bookies selection was a little tricky to work out, however over the Two matches Negredo is seen as most likely to score a goal, although there was not much to choose between him and Rashford. The bookies however do not care if a player does not start, so Rashfords higher risk of rotation is not accounted for in the odds.

Playing the worst, sees Middlesbrough as having the easiest fixtures,  which seems fairly straightforward. They do have Two of them after all.

The main feature of the form tables this week was the likely lack of big scores. None of the Three teams with doubles were seen as potential high scorers. Man U however were shown as looking quite likely for at least One clean sheet, so I have taken the liberty of putting De Gea forward as the captain pick for the form tables.

It may well be that defensive injuries and rotation, plus tiredness from Europa take their toll on Utd but that remains to be seen.

Team Robot

Why does the Robots team never seem to have any injuries, its a mystery, could have done with its luck in that department.  There were Two free transfers, and it went Mirallas to Zaha who it makes captain, and Evans to Bailly.

It now has Three Man U defensive players, along with Zaha and Negredo and has not needed to take a single hit to put them in place. I have the feeling it is going to give my own team a big shellacking by the time this gameweek is done

Bonkers captain picks Gw 34


The Robot has spoken and Ibrahimovic has come out well clear in the captaincy rankings. Zaha and Townsend make up the minor places despite Two tough fixtures.

No single Gameweek players make the list, the usual suspects are all away from home this week, while the Arsenal players have been quiet of late, and are not reliable enough to pick over a player with Two starts. While the likes of Kane are playing Fa cup matches before their league games and there is always a chance of injury/fatigue

Personally I am not particularly confident over any of them. It would be no surprise to see Ibrahimovic rested for the Burnley match, especially as they did so well without him against Chelsea. However he is absolutely dominating the polls and ignoring him would be very risky.

Thê others on the list could make good differentials, Negredo is interesting him, and if I could easily fit him in he would have been my transfer in this week.  I am not prepared to take hits for any of them so will have to be content with Lanzini to Zaha for free.



Form tables Gw 34

Table 1 – Home goals scored Vs away goals conceded in last Eight

The form tables have performed brilliantly in the last few weeks, highlighting high scoring encounters that proved to be just that. They have really come into their own the second half of the season.

The first thing to note about this weeks table is that the top scores are lower than the previous few weeks. We can expect fewer goals. Maybe Two or Three from Arsenal, Hull and Chelsea rather than the Four we have recently been seeing from the top ranked.

In terms of clean sheets Man U (Twice) and Tottenham look the most likely

Table 2 – Home goals conceded Vs away goals scored in last Eight

More low scores are indicated here. Tottenham come out on top and they should manage One or Two goals at Palace. The same can be said for Man U (Twice) and Stoke and Everton.

In terms of home clean sheets, Middlesbrough, Arsenal, Hull and Liverpool look to have the best chances.

Teams with doubles

Palace Scoring

The most likely looking total over both matches appears to be Two goals. Both difficult fixtures, and huge attacking returns look unlikely. Zaha and Benteke are both popular. They are at least both nailed and have a more promising fixture the following week. Do not expect huge returns, although they should make Four points at least.

Palace conceding

There looks to be little chance of a clean sheet. The keeper may be the best option as at least he should see some save points, and if they do keep a clean sheet it will likely be because he has performed heroics. Van Aanholt is popular, however with the tough opposition he may well struggle for attacking points.

Middlesbrough scoring

The local derby with Sunderland will be a fiery encounter, there could be a goal or Two in it for Boro although Sunderland can be guaranteed to be putting in maximum effort for this one.

 Away to Bournemouth looks less hopeful, Bournemouth are themselves now in relegation trouble and will be targeting this one for maximum points.  Negredo looks an option, as any goals they do score will probably have him involved, although it is to be noted that the last time they played Two matches in a week he was rested for One.

Mddlesbrough clean sheets

Although on paper they are playing lowly opposition, in practice both games will be tough. Bournemouth are a fairly free scoring side and keeping them out will be far from easy, while Sunderland will be desperate to win the derby match.  Gibson is tempting, as he is nailed and likes bonus points, however it is hard to imagine more than one clean sheet, if that.

Man U scoring

Away from home Utd have quietly been improving their scoring rate, and they now average a couple of goals per away match.  They do however face fairly tough opposition in both their matches. Both City and Burnley concede less than a goal a home match on average.

I can see them scoring Two or Three over the Two matches. The City game could be a cagey affair, although you never know it could open up into an atacking classic, but it seems unlikely.  Rotation is a problem with Utd, making selections difficult.

Man U clean sheets

Man U appear to have Two good clean sheet opportunities. I know they are away to City, but nobody can park a bus like Mourinho, and away from Old Trafford they have been very tight, with only Four goals against in their last Eight away matches.   The tables see them as having more clean sheet chances than Middlesborough.

The trick will be finding a defender that plays both matches. Even the keeper is not guaranteed safe from rotation. Maybe the Europa league match will provide a few clues.


The tables do not see massive returns for any of the double teams. United possibly the best, but they are also the most prone to rotation. It could be a tricky week, and finding a balance between point spending and double players could be key. Are they worth hits? Probably not, but it is more fun and historically has proven to be better to have too many doublers than too few.

Gameweek review 33

A reasonably uneventful round, a small green arrow with Fifty Five points, maybe the calm before the storm, as we head towards the First of Three double gameweeks.


No real standouts, but plenty of Sixes and Sevens. The most irritating feature was Ibrahimovic playing one minute, picking up a card and preventing Valencia from coming off my bench.

The coming week is tricky, my players generally have good fixtures, so removing any in favour of those with Two fixtures looks marginal, Lanzini to a Palace mid or a defender to Gibson looks possible. Anything more requires hits, and the payoff looks far from assured.

Captain challenge

The second consecutive week where all the captain options were in the points. Kane being the biggest popular winner with Twelve points, along with the differential pick, Arnautovic?

Team Robot

The Robot also scored Fifty Five tying with my own team. Negredo being the star performer. When you look at the price of players like Negredo and Deeney, they do provide good value compared with some far more expensive options.

Negredo has catapulted himself into being a real option for the double next week, and may well end up being its captain choice. With Two free transfers it will likely be Zaha and Gibson coming in for Mirallas and Evans. No space for Ibrahimovic.

Podcast gw 33 – 34

Just in case you didn’t have enough to worry about heading into the double GW34, Jose Mourinho has gone and rotated the Big Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon are on hand to make sense of it all. We’re breaking down Manchester United’s decisive victory over Chelsea, another rampant win for Spurs, and the fact that a Premier League title race is officially back on! How does this impact your FPL squad? We take your listener questions, preview GW34’s captains and clean sheets, and much more.

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