Gw 14 review

My first rubbish Gameweek of the season so far. The source of the frustration was the last minute change of heart over bringing in Eriksen. Instead opting for Walcott, in reaction to his goal last Monday night.  I considered Walcott a better hedge against Sanchez points, however Sanchez then scores a hattrick while Walcott does nothing in a Five goal match. Meanwhile Eriksen goes and scores Seventeen points. Maddening. It happens to everyone from time to time so im sure you all know how it feels.

The following sending off of Aguero had an instant impact on plans going forward. Suddenly having Walcott clearly now makes no sense as he was purely a value play. With the huge influx of Aguero money there is now no excuse not to own Sanchez. With that in mind I have already made Two transfers for this week. Walcott and Aguero out, Costa and Sanchez in. Although in hindsight I should probably have given some consideration for De Bruyne as an alterntaive to Sanchez, however with prices moving so fast there was little time for anything other than the obvious.


As for Fuchs, 1,0, 0, 0 has  been his scores since he was bought in. At the time he was top of the Fantasy scout watchlist and his Three previous home scores were 12, 6, 8. Incredible.  Sadly the injury to Aguero and other needs means I am stuck with him for a week or Two longer

Captain challenge


Kane was the overwhelming popular pick, and he delivered with Two goals. In truth it could easily have been Three or Four. We are seeing some real rubbish defending this season, with some big hammerings taking place (No pun intended).

Bonkers stuck with Hazard who did at least find the net and picked up a couple of bonus points. . The only failure was the playing the worst team selection of Negredo who came up blank.

Team Robot


The Robot’s team had another good week with 71 points. Note that this was without Sanchez or Kane as captain and shows there are so many options this season, that there are multiple ways to a good score, although my own team failed to find one.

Once again there are no weak links in the front Seven so there will be another defensive transfer this week. Hopefully it will work out better than the last one  (Fuchs).   Th injured Friend will be the player removed.

Locked and loaded Gw 14


The team is all set. The Two transfers this week were Kane and Walcott in for Coutinho and Lukaku for the first hit of the season. The timing for a hit seemed right, it would have taken too long to sort the team out with normal transfers. Deeney is probably next to be given the hook.

Kane is an easy captain choice this week, he is up against a Swansea side which conceded Four in their last fixture. The entire midfield is away from home, while Aguero is up against a tough defence. I suspect it could be another low scoring week.

The captain challenge


Harry Kane is the popular pick with the Polls, leading by a big margin. Understandable given the fixture. There are however One or Two question marks over his form, with most of his recent points coming via the penalty spot. Tottenham themselves have also been fairly quiet recently.

No such questions over Hazards form although Chelsea do have a tough fixture, although City do make a habit of conceding at least One goal. Bonkers has gone for Hazard despite the fixture.

Playing the worst is on Hull again this week. Negredo is back in the goals and has a plum fixture, he is the selection there.

Team Robot


The Robot’s team did well last week and worryingly I am starting to prefer it to my own, although I would not be happy going without Kane this week.

There were no weak links in the front Seven so the transfer was a luxury defensive move. Stones was taken out and replaced by Cedric  who was the highest ranked cheaper option on the Fantasy scout watchlist.

Form tables

Scored and conceded in last Eight home or away fixtures

Table 1 – difference column shows chance of home team scoring.


The form tables this week have no standout home fixture. Tottenham, Stoke and Surprisingly Sunderland are considered the Three teams likely to score the most goals.  Tottenham will be the popular choice, especially after Swansea conceded Four at home last weekend.

Man C have the best home scoring record, however they are playing a team that concedes few goals on the road.

At the other end of the table there do not look many clean sheet opportunities for the away sides. Arsenal and Southampton look the best opportunities.

Table 2 – difference column shows chance of away team scoring.


Arsenal and Liverpool also have 28 points, the same score as Tottenham, Stoke and Sunderland in table One.  They are well clear of the rest of the away sides in terms of scoring chances.

At the other end of the table Everton could be a surprising clean sheet opportunity. I was going to bench Williams this week, however  a look at this table shows Everton have only conceded Six times in their last Eight home matches while Man U have hardly been prolific away from home, and may be tired after Europa league.

Currently I am starting Fuchs ahead of Williams, maybe that is not optimal?

Tottenham, Boro, Stoke and Wba also look good for a clean sheet.

For the captain challenge the representative from the form tables will likely be Kane. The Five way tie on 28 will be decided by whichever player is highest in the Fantasy scout poll.

Bonkers captain picks Gw 14



A surprise, Hazard is selected despite having a tough away fixture. Chelsea are in top form however, and City look weak defensively.

Harry Kane will be the popular pick,  and one of my own transfers this week. At home to a Swansea side who conceded Four in their last fixture, he has to be a strong armband option and will be my own choice this week.

The only downside with Kane is he still looks off his best and has been relying on penalties for recent points. However they do have a string of easier fixtures coming up.

Such is Chelsea’s recent dominance that Costa and Pedro make the top Four selections

Podcast Gw 13-14

From the Coutinho captaincy fail to Sergio Aguero’s unrelenting relevance, we recap the key FPL takeaways of GW13. Brandon is coming off of a generally successful 8-point transfer hit, and it looks like burning points is contagious as Josh is already on a 4-point hit heading into next weekend. The Always Cheating hosts talk about those transfer strategies, plus they weigh the most compelling options for replacing an injured Coutinho and try to rationalize the height of Troll-kaku mania. Finally, we take a few more of your listener questions and run through our clean sheet and captain picks for GW14. Hail Cheaters.

Gw 13 review

This weekend was most notable for the injury to Coutinho, the last player we were wanting to remove from our teams.  Sigurdsson, Eriksen, Pedro and Walcott seem to be the most popular replacements.

My own team did ok, the problem was that many of the popular players I do not own were all in the points. Walcott, Sanchez, Austin, Ibrahimovic and Stoke defenders.  It happens sometimes, we can’t own everyone and some weeks, we miss out. At least the transfer, Sigurdsson instantly paid off.


Only 41 points, and a drop from 50k to 80k. Another blank from Lukaku and the injury to Coutinho has lead me to take the first hit of the season. Coutinho and Lukaku out, Kane and Walcott in.

Maybe I have  been a little too cautious this season in not taking hits. Three of Four weeks ago I was tossing up whether to take a hit to replace Deeney with Austin, in hindsight i now wish I had. However the mind plays tricks and I have forgotten all the hits I nearly made that would have failed.

At least Aguero came good, that one less pressure point to worry about. The defence could now do with some work. Holebas seems to have gone off the boil, and Williams has tough fixtures, however the injury to Coutinho has meant the defence will have to struggle on.

Captain challenge


Surprisingly Aguero lead the Fantasy scout poll, if only by a very narrow margin. He came good despite the uncertainty over the start putting many off risking him.  Bonkers now leads the challenge by only a single point.

Team Robot


60 points this week, as all the front Seven were in the points, except the captain.  Amazingly Milner outpointed all the other Liverpool assets, giving the Robot a good week, even this weeks signing, Alli managed an assist.

With no weak link this week the transfer will be in defence. Ibrahimovic has earned yet another reprieve.

Locked and loaded Gw 13


The free transfer was used this week, Allen to Sigurdsson. I had been contemplating saving and playing Amat, however with Aguero being a doubt the bench was too thin.

All the profits from Allen were kept intact, and if Lukaku and Aguero both fail this week then there may be some early transfers coming up to avoid losing money on those Two

All the defenders and mids are playing at home, so hopefully there will be a few more points than last week.

The captaincy is a bit scary. It has to be Firmino or Coutinho and there is no guarantee they will score similar points. If one goes big while the other blanks there going be a lot of lucky and unlucky owners about. It is a lottery really. Have been back and forwards between them all week and may yet swap again.

Captain challenge


A mixed bag. Bonkers has Hazard come out on top, he should be all systems go for the Tottenham match and will likely have plenty of opportunities.

The polls are split. The Fantasy  scout poll has Aguero narrowly leading Coutinho. I will keep an eye on that situation as Coutinho may overtake Aguero before the deadline.  The transfer Hub poll has gone for Firmino. I like to think the blog voters are a knowlegable bunch, and you are clearly favouring Firmino over Coutinho.

The bookies also like Aguero who is just ahead of Sturridge, Giroud and Ibrahimovic. The goal difference tables point to the Liverpool match as being the most likely to produce goals, so Coutinho being the highest placed on the Fantasy scout poll is the selection.

Team Robot


Having automated rules for transfers and selections sometimes leads to some strange situations. For example this week Antonio was removed as the weakest link.  His replacement ended up being Alli who turns out to be the highest rated midfielders from a team not already represented in its midfield.

The rule of only one player from one club in each position has prevented Coutinho or Firmino from being picked. The situation was made worse by Milner being already present, and he cannot leave until he becomes the weakest link.

At least Alli has some strong fixtures coming up which was why he is high on the ranking list, although he will likely struggle at Chelsea. Who knows maybe this will be Milners turn to shine while Firmino and Coutinho blank, although I hope not.

The captain is Hazard for the robots team.

Transfer thoughts

There are Two plans this week. One involves doing nothing and saving the free transfer, while the other is more proactive and designed to protect team value. As yet I am undecided and hoping writing about it will help to clarify the ideas.  Here is the current team


Plan 1

This is the team for Gw 13, it looks reasonable. All the defenders and midfielders are playing at home. Allen can drop to the bench and be replaced by Amat who looks well and truly restored to the Swansea side. I would not be that optimistic of any points but it is always possible.

Saving the free transfer would have the big advantage of giving Two next week and it would also retain Allen for the home match with Burnley, and with their current away form, points could be in the offing.

Their appear no injury concerns so having a thin bench should  not present  a problem. The downside of saving is I will lose 0.1 in value by not flicking Allen off before his impending price drop.

Why might Two transfers be important next week?

If Aguero and Lukaku blank this week there is likely to be a seismic shift in the forward ranks. Aguero and Lukaku could be subject to a fire sale and Kane will be in hot demand for the Gw 14 tie with Burnley.

Deeney also appears to be ending the end of his shelf life. So having Two frees next week could save potential hits and price drops. So I let Allen lose 0.1 this week, and it probably saves losing 0.1 next week instead.

Plan Two

Plan Two involves giving Allen the boot. I can afford anyone up to 9.5. I considered Siggurdsson, Mata and Mahrez. Mahrez was rejected as made turning Lukaku into Kane tricky. It was a straight fight between Mata and Sigi.

Stats wise there was not much in it . What swayed me was that Mata is nearly always substituted after Seventy minutes and he is more prone to rotation. I still think he is a strong option but decided on Sigurdsson.

Sigurdsson fixtures


The advantage of bringing in Sigurdsson now is that I remove Allen and keep all the profits from his sale, and Sigurdsson probably has more points potential than Amat this week.

One downside with buying now is that next week I have Sigurdsson playing away against a very tight Tottenham side rather than having Allen at home to a very loose Burnley team.


Initially I was all for bringing in Sigurdsson for this week. It looks like a natural move. However im thinking there is a strong case for saving the transfer.  For example , if Aguero blanks this week I might well want to do Aguero to Kane and Allen to De Bruyne.

Sigurdsson only makes sense with Aguero in the team, without Aguero all Four mids can be smoking hot.  Even if I still want Sigurdsson maybe the ideal time to buy is after the Tottenham match, although against his old club he is sure to be trying extra hard.

Allen will drop at the next price change deadline so the clock is ticking. I am still undecided, perhaps more so than when I began the article.

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