Captain poll Gw 30

This will be interesting, one of the most open weeks in memory.

Bonkers captain picks Gw 30

The Robot has crunched the numbers and come up with Lukaku, putting recent form over a tricky fixture, a problem with many of this weeks candidates.

Personally I am struggling for a captain this week. If I owned Costa then I would probably put it on him, however taking out Aguero for him does not seem worth it, especially as he will only be turned into Ibrahimovic a week later. Costa is not that scary, so will probably leave it. Aguero could easily outpoint him this week.

I own Lanzini, Eriksen, Sigurdsson, Mane, Lukaku and Aguero however I am not that keen on any of them for the armband.  Sigurdsson maybe. Who knows?

Podcast Gw 30

The season’s final international break has had its fair share of casualties, most notably Seamus Coleman. Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon discuss how best to deal with these injuries, also with an eye toward the newly announced doubles in GW34. And we’re talking about Josh’s active wildcard and how to strategize your own wildcard, whether it’s active now or in a few more game weeks. Plus we take your listener questions, preview GW30 fixtures, and debate what could be a very difficult captaincy decision.


Coleman replacements

In light of the Coleman injury I have added to the defensive transfer list for this week. Coleman was very highly owned by active managers, including myself, and It seemed a good time to widen the net in terms of potential replacements.

Valencia and Walker are high on the list of potential replacements, and the injury to Coleman is likely to accelerate the buying of those players, especially Valencia.

Valencia has been a great differential for me over the past Six weeks, now every man and his dog will own him. He looks a no brainer now, good fixtures and a confirmed double. Walker will also have doubles, we just do not know when.

For those looking for more budget friendly replacements, there are the Middlesbrough pair of Gibson and Fabio. Gibson at 4.9 is the more expensive, however he has played every single minute of the season thus far, and even with a new manager will surely be nailed on.

Fabio perhaps has more points potential when he starts and is half a Million cheaper, however he is not quite as nailed which could be a big consideration for those buying primarily for the favourable DGW in week 34 (not shown).

In the meantime it looks like Boro have decent leadup fixtures. However, Swansea and Hull will be desperate to win those first Two fixtures, and they are going to be much harder than they look.

Bertrand at 5.5 looks a good mid priced replacement for Coleman. He has attacking points in him and Southampton have Two decent home fixtures, and also the promise of Two future DGW matches. This makes him especially attractive to those who have already used their wildcards.


Individual teams will vary in their needs. Managers will have to consider how much weight they put on future double weeks when making their decision. Valencia to me looks the obvious standout, as has good fixtures, is nailed and also has a confirmed double. I think that gives him the edge.

The rest of them however, there is not much to choose between them and it comes down to budget and personal taste. Personally I am a little wary of Boro and quite like the look of Bertrand, however Any of the choices could outshine the others.

Best transfers for Gw 30

There are a few new names added to this weeks list. In defence Walker and Valencia keep there spots, they both have good fixtures and Valencia also has a double coming up in Gw 34. Those keen to start bringing in players for that double, might want to start with Valencia.

Fuchs is added to the list. He proved a poor transfer earlier in the season, however this is now a very different Leicester. The confidence has returned and they still need to fight for survival.

In midfield, Eriksen Alli  and Lanzini keep their places, and all performed well at the weekend. West Ham have Three away matches, but they are one of those sides that travel well.

Mane and Mahrez are other new additions. Mane may have frustrated owners in the last couple of weeks, however the fixtures are good and Liverpool are fighting for a top Four spot.

Mahrez is another new addition, he is looking back to his old self and returns should not be far away.

In attack Vardy keeps his place, after an impressive display and he is joined by Deeney.  Deeney has some good fixtures and should make up for last weeks own goal.

I may add Costa to this list later in the week. It depends on captaincy considerations. Captain choices look limited this week, and if Costa should be leading the poll then it would be foolish to ignore him. He is currently not on the list as plays both Manchester clubs in the next Four.

Double Gameweek 34

We now have information on Gw 34.  Palace, Middlesbrough and Man U all play twice while WBA do not play at all.  What should we make of it?   It is not the greatest looking Dgw ever.

Middlesbrough have the best pair of fixtures, they also have good leadup matches. The problem is they are currently very poor, and with a new manager we cannot be sure how they will lineup. It is the poor form that prevented me from recommending any boro players in this article.  They will make decent stocking fillers for the double, but it may be best to wait before buying any.

Man Utd also have good lead up fixtures. Clearly Ibrahimovic will be wanted on his return, and he is an easy swap for those holding Aguero. In the meantime Valencia makes good sense. Other selections are more punty and rotation prone, except for the keeper who could be an option.

Palace have a couple of terrible fixtures and their lead up matches are also tough. It looks unlikely they will be worth taking hits for.

In general the Dgw as it stands looks unworthy of wildcarding for or bench boosting, even triple captain options look very limited.  there are still another Six matches yet to have their fixtures rearranged. We will have to hope they fall kindly to provide a more stimulating double than Gw 34 if not it may be difficult to take maximum advantage of the wildcard and bench boost strategy

Gw 29 review

A reasonable week, where most Fantasy assets seemed to be in the points. 79 this week, which sounds impressive, however unowned players such as Sanchez, King and Heaton also scored well which meant 79 while good, was not great.

Saving the free transfer worked out well, and having Two over the international break could be useful. We may have more information on doubles by then.

Double Liverpool coverage is not working out and or both may be shown the door.


Captain challenge

Lukaku continued the good run for captain picks, he left it late, but Two goals and an assist showed why he was such a popular option.

When analysing the results of last seasons challenge, it was noted that when Bonkers and the polls agreed on the same pick then the results were better than when they disagreed.  Since Gw 22 Bonkers and the polls have agreed Three times. The results 8, 15, 16

Team Robot

Sixty Two points for the Robots team. Not much luck with Mawson and Deeney scoring Own goals and Hazard and Mirallas not playing. Still comfortably beat the weeks average, although Lukaku was responsible for most of the points

Last weeks transfer recommendations

A fairly good result for last weeks transfer recommendations. Vardy proved to ne the best of them in his first week. The picks are selected based on their next Four fixtures, not just one so it is too early to judge.

There will be new recommendations up in a day or Two, some will likely be the same, although expect a few new options.

Locked and loaded Gw 29

No changes this week. I decided to save the free transfer for a few reasons.

  • International break coming up
  • We will likely find out some information on doubles
  • Current team ok for this week
  • possible double switch involving Sanchez and Aguero (needs Two transfers)

Having Two Liverpool mids away to Man City is not ideal, although anything is possible and Liverpool tend to go well against the better sides.

Captain will be Lukaku, never really considered anyone else, as it looks the obvious choice.

Captain challenge

The polls, the bookies and the robot have all gone for Lukaku, and it is difficult to see past him. Naturally he can quite easily blank, however he looks the best percentage play.

The bookies have Aguero not far behind, and he has been rather forgotten about this week.  Playing on Sunday afternoon they have had plenty of time to recover from the Monaco match, and they will be looking for a big reaction.

The goal difference tables see Tottenham scoring a few goals. They may be missing Kane, however, Southampton has a weakened backline, so it might even itself out.

Team Robot

The transfer was Negredo to Deeney who was the highest ranked affordable replacement. Probably another sideways striker move, there have been many this season.

 The team looks ok, and Mirallas could be an interesting differential this week, along with Mawson who has given stellar returns recently. The captain will be Lukaku.

Form tables Gw 29

Table One – Expected goals for home side based on last Eight 

From an attacking perspective there are Three clubs which standout this week. Tottenham, Everton, and Bournemouth. They look to have a much better chance of scoring than the other home sides.

Tottenham just come out on top, although the tables make no allowances for the loss of Harry Kane, which could slow up their impressive goal tally. This being the case, Everton may prove to be a more reliable option.

Good news for King owners, Bournemouth are predicted to score well. I highlighted last week that Swansea had improved of late, however they still conceded Two away at Hull.

In terms of clean sheets for the away sides, Man U and Chelsea look to have the best opportunity, although it remains to be seen if Europa league leads to a sluggish display from United.

Table Two – Goals from an away sides perspective

This week looks like a low scoring one for the away teams. Swansea are seen as having the best chance of goals at leaky Bournemouth, and that could be a high scoring match, with both sides seemingly unable to defend.

Arsenal are next on the list. They do on average score a couple of goals on their travels, however Wba have only conceded Eight in the last Eight at home, so they will have to work hard to maintain that.

There look to be some good opportunities for clean sheets by the home sides. Everton in particular look a stwndout. Hull have only scored Two goals in their last Eight away matches.

For the captain challenge Son will represent for form tables, being the highest placed Tottenham player in the Scout poll.

Bonkers captain picks Gw 29

The Robot has crunched the numbers and Lukaku comes well out on top. At home to Hull he appears the obvious choice. There has been speculation this week concerning his contract, however that is unlikely to have any onfield impact.

King is in second spot and why not? Swansea although much improved are still conceding goals, and King could be the man to score them.  Those Two are well clear on the rankings, ahead of the usual suspects, any of whom could come up with a big week.


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