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From a Kane hat trick to a Liverpool clunker, Always Cheating hosts Josh and Brandon return to recap the highs and lows of GW26. But, let’s be honest, we’re here this week to talk about only one thing: the presumptive Manchester City double in GW27. Is there a way to field City assets without completely blowing up your GW28 squad? And which City players are the best bets, given Pep’s penchant for rotation? We answer your listener questions and give a full preview of the GW27 fixtures with potential captains and clean sheets.

Gw 26 review

A bit of a nothing week, Kane owners would have had the most to cheer about, apart from that is was a bits and pieces week. Slight red arrow, but with only Nine players turning up it was not too bad. Fifty Four points a fairly respectable total, which may have been good enough for a green but for Coutinho’s consolation goal against Leicester.

I am so used to the flags being wrong that I expected Lovren to start however it turns out he is proper injured, while Philips was a surprise non appearance. As for Stanislas who knows what is happening there. Bournemouth keep losing but still Stanislas does not even come off the bench.

This week will be interesting as we await the replay of the City V Huddersfield match. Should City win then they have a double next week, the plan is to bring in Sterling and Aguero for Stanislas and Costa. Having over Six Million in the bank makes that an easy one.

Many are doing Eriksen to Sterling, however when Eriksen is on a roll it is best to stick with him. He must be due a goal to go along with all his assists.

Has Mane ever played worse for Liverpool? He seemed like a reasonable pick, but his display today had me wondering what all the fuss was about. At least he has a fixture in Gw 28.

Captain challenge

Everyone was a minor winner this week, all the selections either scored or assisted but not a single bonus point between them. Next week will be all about Man C assuming they progress to the next round of the Fa cup. So the bonkers picks etc will be delayed a little until after the Man C Huddersfield match.

Team Robot

Eleven players but only Thirty Nine points. Antonio being sent off did not help while the defence, as predicted had a poor week. With Two free transfers maybe some ground can be made up.  Sterling will be one of those bought in, being the top city player on the projections. Aguero possibly the other depending on finances.

Ideas for next season

For next season I am looking at scrapping the player projections, and Robot’s teams and replacing them with something that requires less work behind the scenes, allowing more time for added content.

Community team

Instead of a Robot team we will have a Community team. The initial team will be put together by using Polls to determine the most popular option in each position.

The weekly transfer will also be decided by the poll, so it will very much be a community team.  The captain will be chosen according to the highest placed owned player on the Hub captain poll.

    Guest articles

There will also be a regular spot for community articles. There already is actually, anyone who wants to write an article feel free, and I will publish it on here. The more content the better, saves me having to do it all.

What will be staying?

The captain challenge, Locked and loaded, the Gameweek review, the form tables, Bonkers captain  picks and hopefully the podcast will all still be going next season.

Locked and loaded Gw 26

Having talked about a hit for Barkley, in the end I decided to stick to the free. The news that Lovren was fit meant the urgency for extra bodies subsided a little and I decided to wait and see if Stanislas regained his spot.

The main reason I did not bring Barkley in was because it would have meant an awkward benching decision, maybe benching Sigurdsson or Cresswell.  plus Everton are away to Tottenham next week, so decided to hold fire.

Mane has come in for Sanchez and there is now a ridiculous 6m + in the bank, at least Aguero will be an easy buy next week.

The keeper decision was tricky, however having no Wba defenders it felt safer to play Foster.

Captain is on Lukaku who seems to have more potential for really big scores than Costa who is probably more consistant but less explosive.

Captain challenge

Both the polls have gone for Lukaku while the Robot has put Hazard out ahead.  The bookies think Costa is most likely to score, although there is not much in it.

The form tables highlight the Chelsea match as having the most potential for goals, and their captwin will also be Costa.

Playing the worst have Sunderland as the worst team is week. Lukaku will be the captain for that match.

Team Robot

The Robot will be saving its free transfer to bring in Man City players next week. The captain is Hazard and there are just the bare minimum Eleven players this week with some of the defence having some tough matchups.  Hopefully my own team can outscore it.

Transfer plans

With all the permutations surrounding DGW uncertainty, Man C or no Man C, Gw 28 etc, it can all seem very confusing. However I believe I have a clear plan that will navigate the situation with little risk, and provide both City cover and enough bodies in Gw 28

Here is my current side, and it has the bare minimum for this week, Lovren is flagged and it could be a struggle to field Eleven, especially with Stanislas being out of favour.

I was simply going to replace Stanislas, however the news that Man C will probably have a double in Gw 27 means I need to free up some cash in anticipation. While I was set on keeping Sanchez, that situation has now changed.  I already have 4.7 Million in the bank so am well set up.

I am planning a hit this week to do a double midfield switch. Stanislas to Barkley and Sanchez to Mane, it improves the squad for this week and for Gw 28 and also leaves plenty of cash for the following week.

After these Two moves the 352 formation is maintained, and it will stay. Third striker options are thin on the ground and Anichibe can remain as the non playing bench player.

Now for the following week. Like it or not Aguero will dominate the news in Gw 27 he will be a massive poll leader and the hype machine will be in full overdrive.  I plan another Four point hit to bring in Aguero and Sterling for Costa and Eriksen. Leaving the team looking like this.

This leaves nine players for Gw 28, and with the free transfer it will be up to Ten which will probably be enough to be competitive, and if necessary I could always take a hit to make it Eleven, possibly a second Liverpool midfielder.

That is the plan, to a large extent the Man C part depends on them beating Huddersfield, if they do it seems rather risky to go without Aguero and with his low ownership he could prove a great rank booster.  It is unthinkable to go into a double with no cover.

Triple captain, Wildcard and bench boost

There are limited opportunities to use the chips. The bench boost needs to be used the week after a wildcard on a big Double Gameweek, which is clearly not Gw 27Those chips will be used later.

The triple captain however is best used on a smaller Dgw. This means that the use of the chip in Gw 27 becomes a real option. The problem is Man City rotation. At a later date I will have a look at their fixtures for that time to try and gauge the possibility of Aguero not playing both matches.

Breaking news

If City win their Fa cup match they have a DGW in Gw 27 along with Stoke.

There are huge implications in this.  With such short notice it is difficult to bring in much cover, and they also blank in GW28. However there looks to be some opportunity for some big gambles.

Aguero triple captain? Sterling worth Four points to bring in? even with a blank.  A shock wildcard?

This news really opens up options, risky, daring options. We all know how devastating and powerful DGWs can be. Can we afford to ignore City?     For Eight points, can load up, and maybe only feild Nine or Ten players in GW 28. Most of those in Gw 28 look like Two point Charlies anyway, would they be such a loss?

Form tables

Table One – Goals from a home team perspective based on last Eight

Chelsea look the standout team this week, They are averaging Three goals per appearance at home, and that would probably be a par score against Swansea.  However, Swansea have been improving of late, so a goal fest is not a certainty.

Three other teams look like they could be in the goals this week. Wba, Everton and Tottenham.  A few weeks ago we had a poll on here, to pick the best cheap midfielder going forward. Philips won it by a landslide, however he has since blanked every match. Is this his week? Or has Chadli taken away many of his opportunities?

Everton could be in for a good week, and with Lukaku’s high goal involvement he makes a logical captain choice. Harry Kane looks another good candidate for the armband.

In terms of clean sheets for the away sides. There appears slim pickings. Middlesbrough are seen as having the best chance, although that looks far from certain.

Table Two – Goals from an away perspective, based on last Eight

Liverpool look to be te best of the away sides, and now they have a fixture in Gw 28 their assets are in high demand. Mane is generally seen as the number one choice, although we have seen before that they tend to take it in turns.

Apart from Liverpool their looks to be slim pickings fir the away sides.  This could mean a few clean sheets for the home sides. Chelsea, Tottenham, Everton and Hull all look great shouts for a cleanie.

Form tables captain choice

Costa is currently the highest placed Chelsea player in the Fantasy scout captain poll. He will be for form tables captain choise for this week.

Podcast gw 26

The Always Cheating hosts sift through the FA Cup fallout and run team-by-team through the key clubs with no blanks, i.e. fixtures in all three upcoming game weeks. Which FPL assets will be key in both GW26 and GW28? Is a Liverpool midfielder essential? And, if so, who? Looking ahead to GW28, Josh and Brandon debate the degree to which managers should corrupt their FPL sides just to field as close to a full eleven as possible, and how soon after might we plan to wildcard out of this mayhem. Plus we respond to your listener questions and more. Hail Cheaters!

Are you planning to buy Aguero after blanks ?

Aguero looks well and truly back, and with Jesus injured he now looks a great differential.   Will you be snapping him up after the blanks?  Or is he just too expensive?



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